Yoga Instructor Course

Yoga Instructor Course

Yoga is one of the most popular fitness trainings today and for good reasons. By its very nature, this ancient practice helps bring balance and relaxation to the mind and body using coordinated movements and poses combined with deep breathing. It also aids in enhancing flexibility, mobility, and posture, supports weight reduction, and improves the functions of different body systems. These benefits are what draw millions of people to the practice, and they are the same reasons it is increasingly becoming more important in today’s hectic way of life.


With the growing popularity of yoga, it presents a lot of opportunities for people who would like to change their life as well as the life of others for the better. On a personal level, it is a great starting point to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle or reduce stress from daily living. Professionally, it is an ideal platform to provide support to others in their pursuit to achieve overall wellness, and keep the tradition alive.


Yoga has a lot going on for it. So if you want to understand how it can bring you good health and peace of mind or you want to learn how to effectively lead fitness classes using this ancient practice, this Yoga Instructor course offers you a place to start. It navigates through the historical roots of yoga and discusses its underlying principles and evolution. It also delves into body structure and movements as well as the techniques, tools, and postures common to the practice. The course also provides instructions on planning and sequencing yoga classes, teaching meditation, and working with different clients.


Topics Covered


The Yoga Instructor course provides you insight into the yoga practice and gives the necessary foundations and techniques to lead effective yoga classes. Many of the topics covered in the course are practical and are proven to help you make most of yoga for yourself and in the service of others. These topics include:


  • Historical roots and evolution of yoga
  • Underlying principles of yoga
  • Main branches of yoga
  • Different approaches to yoga
  • Body structure and movements in practice
  • Mechanics of yogic breathing
  • Basic yoga postures—seating, standing, balance, inversion, bending, twist, dynamic
  • Various tools and techniques for teaching yoga
  • Meditation techniques
  • Planning, structuring and sequencing yoga classes
  • Working with different types of clients
  • Learning more about the yoga profession


Main Audience


This course is the perfect step for those who are new to yoga and would like to explore this ancient practice. It is also suited for those who already have experience in yoga and want to understand it at a deeper level, so they can pursue a career as yoga instructor. Moreover, the course can also be a valuable resource for current personal fitness trainers who wish to expand their services by providing yoga training to their clients.

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