Sports Nutrition Certification Course.

Sports Nutrition Certification Course.

For athletes, adequate nutrition and proper diet are integral to ensure optimal health and performance and faster recovery in between workouts. When either of these two is lacking, an athlete’s overall health can be put at risk, resulting to reduced performance or injuries.

Unfortunately, not all athletes have the time to keep track of their nutrition and diet. This is what makes the role of sports nutritionists so important, as their expertise ensures that the amount of nutrient athletes receive from their diets are commensurate to the magnitude of their fitness and training regimen.

If you are aspiring to become a sports nutritionist, an athlete seeking ways to optimise your performance or a sports enthusiast who would like to step up your game, a working knowledge of sports nutrition is a good start to fulfil your goals. This Sports Nutrition Certification Course can help you with that.

Through the lessons of this course, you will discover the science of nutrition and its significance in sports. You will also know about the roles and functions of the sports nutritionist and the important conduct that such professional must exercise in the workplace and when handling clients. Common terms relevant to the subject of sports nutrition, essential nutritional elements, and healthy dietary and exercise guidelines will also be thoroughly discussed in this course.

In addition to the abovementioned topics, this course will also help you make sense of how to design and implement a nutritional plan that is focused on achieving specific goals, such as weight loss, maximising endurance, strength and performance level, and muscle growth. It will also teach you the business side of sports nutrition—from starting your own business to marketing your services to growing your client base.

Sports nutrition is an important and growing field. You can be sure that everything you will learn from this course will help expand what you already know about the subject and will give you the tools to either become a better athlete or sports enthusiast, or start a career as a sports nutritionist.

Course Lessons.
  • Module 1: An Awareness of the Sports Nutritionist’s Role
  • Module 2: Ethics and Conduct for Sports Nutritionists
  • Module 3: How the Human Digestion Work
  • Module 4: The Value of Healthy Diet and Exercise
  • Module 5: Common Terminology in Sports Nutrition
  • Module 6: Carbohydrates and Its Effects in the Human Body
  • Module 7: Effects of Protein in the Human Body
  • Module 8: A Comparison of Calories and Fats
  • Module 9: The Practice of Healthy Fluid Intake
  • Module 10: Vitamins and Minerals in Human Nutrition
  • Module 11: The Use of Supplements in Sports
  • Module 12: Going Over the Athlete’s Behaviour and Lifestyle
  • Module 13: Understanding Diet and Weight Loss
  • Module 14: Practical Exercises for Weight Loss
  • Module 15: Setting Up a Sports Nutrition Business
  • Module 16: Sports Nutrition Business: Focusing on Marketing and Sales
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