Senior Training Specialist Course.

Senior Training Specialist Course.

Engaging in physical fitness is no longer just for the young. We are now seeing an increased number of seniors enrolling in fitness classes and participating in physical exercises, which simply suggest that this population of the society is becoming more conscious about their health and well-being.

Know that the goal of exercising in later years is not about bulking up nor looking sculpt. It is more about improving mobility to maintain independence, keeping physical diseases at bay, and sustaining mental capacity.

As older adults are more prone to injuries due to their age and weakened systems, their physical fitness has to be tailored according to their condition and needs. Therefore, fitness professionals with a specialisation in senior fitness are becoming more in demand. They are the ones who know exactly how to evaluate the physical condition of older adults and plan suitable exercise programmes.

With the help of this Senior Training Specialist Course, you can be one of those experts who assist older adults in sustaining their physical and mental capacity and living a better quality of life. The course is rife with information that will give you foundations in human physiology, senior fitness and nutrition, and sports injuries and treatments. It will also introduce you to a variety of exercises that you can incorporate in senior fitness programmes, including stretching and flexibility, strength exercises, and chair workouts.

Since senior fitness offers great opportunities for business, the course will give you useful hints on how to build your skills as a senior fitness specialist. It will also teach you how to carry out client assessments and put up and market your own fitness training business.

You can never go wrong with this course. It can be the resource you need to get the qualifications necessary to become a Senior Training Specialist and start helping older adults engage in physical activities and live a fuller and independent life.

Course Lessons.
  • Lesson 1: Understanding Seniors And Their Health And Fitness
  • Lesson 2: Basic Fitness Terms
  • Lesson 3: Awareness Of The Human Body
  • Lesson 4: Fitness Assessment Guidelines
  • Lesson 5: Conducting Fitness Assessments For Older Adults
  • Lesson 6: Stretching Exercises For Improved Flexibility
  • Lesson 7: Strength Development Using Suitable Fitness Equipment
  • Lesson 8: Strength Exercises For Seniors
  • Lesson 9: Focusing On Balance Improvement
  • Lesson 10: Seated Exercises for Seniors
  • Lesson 11: The Nutritional Needs And Requirements Of Seniors
  • Lesson 12: Examining Sports Injuries In the Elderly
  • Lesson 13: First Aid Treatment And Administration
  • Lesson 14: Setting Up And Growing A Fitness Training Business
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