Pilates Training Specialist Instructor Course.

Pilates Training Specialist Instructor Course.

Pilates is regarded as one of the most sensible forms of exercise discipline. Apart from blasting fat all over, it is also known to help restore balance in both the mind and body.

People who have personally tried Pilates swear by its efficacy. Some attest to its capability to aid in weight reduction and management and posture improvement, while others are convinced by its ability to condition the body and mind. Even celebrities, supermodels and athletes incorporate some form of Pilates in their training regimen. The bottom line is it works and is continuously attracting more practitioners worldwide.

Pilates is a pursuit that is worth learning and practicing. If you are a health enthusiast who would like to boost your current workout or a fitness instructor wanting to expand the range of fitness programmes you offer, this Pilates Training Specialist Instructor Course can greatly benefit you.

The course is intended to give you an overview of the concepts and principles of Pilates method. It starts out with the historical background of Pilates, explaining where it originated, how it has evolved and what principles underpin such fitness method. It then goes over the terms and definitions used in the practice and the body systems and muscle structures that the method gives emphasis on. Information on how to become a Pilates instructor and how to structure effective Pilates sessions are also tackled in the course.

Pilate is an excellent fitness method that can help anyone become fit safely and gradually without engaging in rigid workouts. By learning about it and understanding how to properly perform its movements, you can easily assist others in building their strength and flexibility, improving their posture or even restoring balance in their body and mind.

Course Lessons.
  • Lesson 1: A Background On Pilates
  • Lesson 2: How To Become A Pilates Fitness Instructor
  • Lesson 3: Pilates Terminology
  • Lesson 4: The Concept Of Physical Fitness
  • Lesson 5: Getting Acquainted With Human Body Systems And Processes
  • Lesson 6: An Overview Of The Neutral Spine And Its Significance In Pilates
  • Lesson 7: Mobilizing The Muscles With Stretching And Warm Up Routines
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