Personal Trainer Course

Personal Trainer Course

When it comes to fitness, a little help can go a long way toward getting closer and eventually reaching a particular goal. Know that a lot of people who end up abandoning their fitness goals do so for a number of reasons. Some lack the motivation to continue what they have started because they feel their efforts are not paying off. Others are either too lazy to care about their health or do not have the discipline to commit to physical fitness. The point here is that these people cannot do it alone, which makes the work of a personal trainer more valuable than ever.

A personal trainer is not just the person you usually see in the gym, assisting clients with their workouts. This professional is knowledgeable in helping people reach their fitness goals by doing proper health assessments, designing individualised exercises, and providing health information and motivation.

If you are into fitness and would like to make a career out of such interest, becoming a personal trainer may suit you best. But, how do you get started in this practice? How do you build your skills? What kind of exercises should you recommend and teach? If you do not know the answers to all these questions, this Personal Trainer Course can help.

Through this course you will gain a thorough understanding of the personal training business. You will be introduced to the professional and ethical responsibilities of a personal trainer and the qualities you need to possess in order to develop your identity as a personal trainer. You will also find out how to find a niche, carry out a health appraisal and physical assessment, and perform fitness consultation.

Because the main job of a personal trainer is to raise fitness awareness and encourage people to incorporate physical activities into their lifestyle, you will discover how to plan for an exercise programme, prevent or render first aid to a variety of injuries, create a diet plan, and keep clients motivated.

There is a lot to know about personal training before you can get started and advance in this practice. This Personal Trainer Course is an indispensable resource you can actually use to learn the basics of this business and boost your qualifications to gain entry and go further in the personal training field.

Course Lessons.
  • Module 1: Understanding the Fitness Trainer Profession
  • Module 2: Determining the Clientele: Who Needs Fitness?
  • Module 3: The Necessity of Fitness Testing
  • Module 4: Determining Health Status Through Health Appraisal
  • Module 5: Evaluating the Body Through Physical Assessments
  • Module 6: Conducting Physical Tests
  • Module 7: Fitness Consultation: A Discussion of Health and Fitness
  • Module 8: Fitness and Its Essential Aspects
  • Module 9: Building an Exercise Regimen
  • Module 10: A Training Program for Fitness and Health
  • Module 11: Principles That Support a Quality Training Program
  • Module 12: What a Normal Healing Process Looks Like
  • Module 13: Injury and Its Biomechanics
  • Module 14: Common Sports Injuries
  • Module 15: Risk Factors That May Trigger Sports Injuries
  • Module 16: Injuries to the Foot and Ankle
  • Module 17: Recognising Knee Injuries
  • Module 18: Identifying Injuries Affecting the Leg
  • Module 19: Understanding Injuries to the Shoulder
  • Module 20: Paying Attention to Head, Neck and Chest Injuries
  • Module 21: Common Injuries Affecting the Hand, Wrist, and Fingers
  • Module 22: Injuries Involving the Elbow and Arm
  • Module 23: The Nutrition-Fitness Link
  • Module 24: Smart Diet Planning
  • Module 25: Common Misconceptions About Nutrition
  • Module 26: Finding the Truth in Common Nutrition Myths
  • Module 27: First Aid Treatments for Different Situations
  • Module 28: Building and Maintaining Fitness Motivation
  • Module 29: The Business Side of Fitness Training
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