Nutrition and Mental Health Course

Nutrition and Mental Health Course

It has long been an established fact that what a person eats has a direct impact on his or her body’s overall health. Hence, the saying “you are what you eat.” When healthier food options are chosen over processed or junk foods, the body receives adequate energy and nutrition that allows it to grow and function well and prevent it from a variety of diseases. But, did you know there is also growing evidence linking nutrition to mental health?


Many studies indicate that food plays a critical role in the development, management, and prevention of certain mental health problems, including depression, ADHD, schizophrenia and even Alzheimer’s. And while there are still lingering questions regarding the ‘food-mood’ connection, it has been shown that a deficient state of nutrition has the potential to alter mental status. These findings only go to show that, in a way, a healthy body and balanced wellbeing can be achieved and protected when one engages in a diet that provides adequate nutrients.


Find out more about the relationship between nutrition and mental health and teach yourself strategies for engaging in healthy diet by tackling this Nutrition and Mental Health course. It takes a close look at people’s contemporary diets, the link between brain function and diet, and the likely results of nutrient depletion on a person’s mental health. The course also offers different approaches to addressing eating disorders and incorporating a healthy diet into your life.


Topics Covered


The Nutrition and Mental Health course helps you explore the connection between nutrition and mental wellness. It also delivers information you can use to make improvements in your diet, so that you can be assured that you are getting adequate nutrition for the benefit of your physical and mental status. It covers a broad spectrum of topics that include, but are not limited to:


  • A look at different contemporary diets
  • Making the nutrient-mental health connections
  • The link between brain function and diet
  • Implications of mineral depletion on mental health
  • Chemical additives and how they affect health
  • Making sense of brain-gut connection
  • Understanding gut and psychology syndrome
  • Knowing how nutrition affects well-being
  • Various approaches for addressing eating disorders
  • Integrating healthy diet into your lifestyle


Main Audience


This course is fitting for those who wish to understand how nutrition affects their physical and mental wellness, and how they can enhance and manage their diets effectively. It is also a good reference for aspiring nutritionists, dieticians, mental psychologists, fitness instructor, health coach, and holistic health therapist.

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