Indoor Cycling Instructor Course

Indoor Cycling Instructor Course

Many fitness facilities today are offering indoor cycling as part of their programmes. And although some onlookers assume that this particular workout is a simpler and less intense version of cycling we are familiar with, it is actually closer to that than one would think.

From regular folks seeking to lose weight to elite cyclists who would like to optimise their stamina and performance, indoor cycling has become the workout of choice for many people and it continues to attract more for a good reason. Indoor cycling is all about experience, intensity and efficacy. Rather than focusing on choreographed movements, it mimics outdoor road bicycling by packing a two-hour level of intensive pedalling into a 45-minute session using a specially-designed stationary bike.

It should be noted, however, that any indoor cycling class must be lead by an instructor who has a background and training in this specific workout. The experience and expertise of this professional ensures proper, safe and creative cuing, thereby guaranteeing good results and a group dynamic that is enjoyable and motivating.

You can be one of those fitness experts who lead safe, effective and fun indoor cycling classes with the help of this Indoor Cycling Instructor Course. Here, you will get an overview of the history and biomechanics of indoor cycling. You will also understand how this particular workout assists in weight loss and how it benefits the cardiovascular system. The course is also designed to prepare you for handling indoor cycling classes, so you will find information about pre-qualification assessment of participants, group class instruction, putting together a playlist, and all sorts of indoor cycling positions and motivational strategies.

Course Lessons.
  • Lesson 1: An Overview of Indoor Cycling
  • Lesson 2: The Lowdown On Indoor Cycling Biomechanics
  • Lesson 3: Identifying Indoor Cycling Demographics
  • Lesson 4: Assessing Indoor Cycling Participants
  • Lesson 5: Indoor Cycling For Weight Loss
  • Lesson 6: How Indoor Cycling Benefits The Cardiovascular System
  • Lesson 7: Getting A Handle Of Group Class Management
  • Lesson 8: Indoor Cycling Positions And Techniques
  • Lesson 9: Putting Together An Indoor Cycling Playlist
  • Lesson 10: Figuring Out The Value Of Warm Up And Cool Down Sessions In Indoor Cycling
  • Lesson 11: Approaches To Keep An Indoor Cycling Class Motivated
  • Lesson 12: A Look At The Business Side Of Indoor Cycling
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