Holistic Diet and Nutrition

Chinese Nutrition Therapy Certification

Adequate intake of nutrients is necessary for the body to achieve full growth, maintain good health, and protect itself against a variety of diseases. Unfortunately, few people realise this fact that they do not pay much attention to the food they eat, more so the diet they engage in. As a result, they are at risk of running into a variety of health problems including muscle cramps, fatigue, anaemia, balance impairment, osteoporosis, memory loss, and poor growth, just to name a few.


Helping the body receive the necessary amount of nutrients always starts with proper knowledge of nutrition, including its sources and recommended intake. Equally important is to develop a positive relationship with food and doing changes in one’s eating habits.


Discover the needed nutritional foundations for proper growth, development and functioning, and know how to engage in a nutrition-filled diet with this Holistic Diet and Nutrition course. It provides a holistic overview of the subject, explaining different kinds of nutrients and the purposes they serve, how nutrients are absorbed into the body’s different systems, and what happens to the body when it is deprived of necessary nutrients. The course also explores the connection between diet and health, nutritional requirements at every life stage, energy values of food, and the concept of healthy eating.


Topics Covered


The Holistic Diet and Nutrition course raises your awareness about the value of adequate nutrition and proper diet in maintaining overall health.  It also provides you effective strategies for engaging in and encouraging healthy eating habits. The following are among the many topics that will be thoroughly covered in this course of study:


  • Overview of diet and nutrition
  • The body’s different organs and systems and their functions
  • How digestion works and how the body absorbs nutrients
  • The relationship between lifestyle and diet
  • Macronutrients and micronutrients and their roles
  • Understanding food energy values
  • Nutritional deficiencies and disorders
  • Various diet types and their associated disorders
  • Knowing how a balanced diet looks like
  • Defining healthy eating
  • Approaches to bringing a balanced and healthy diet into your life


Main Audience


This course is suited for those wanting to learn about nutrition and diet and want to improve their relationship with food. It is also recommended for those who want to go into practice as a dietitian, nutritionist, fitness trainer, holistic health specialist, as the course contain key information that can be useful for providing factual healthy eating advice to clients.


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