Health Coach Course

Health Coach Course

Poor lifestyle choices and practices is pointed as the main culprit for the development and quick progression of a number of chronic diseases, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Things like sedentary lifestyle, inadequate sleep, frequent smoking and drinking and bad diet are among the poor lifestyle choices and practices most people often make and engage in.

Unfortunately, while majority of these individuals understand the risks and consequences of the aforesaid choices and practices, they still fail to make healthy lifestyle changes. The problem lies in the difficulty of not knowing where to start with the changes and how to sustain them. It is in cases like these where the expertise of a health coach proves to be useful.

The primary role of a health coach is to mentor and support individuals in setting realistic health goals and providing appropriate solutions to achieve those goals. One of the approaches used by this professional to help clients cultivate a healthy lifestyle is to focus on changing their behaviour toward their health, diet and food choices.

A lot of individuals and companies swear by the effectiveness of the services rendered by health coaches. As such, demand for these experts is growing as well. If you want to build a career in this burgeoning field, this Health Coach Course can prepare you for the role.

The course is designed to teach you all the basics of health coaching—from its definition and purpose to it application. As you go over the lessons, you will be introduce to relevant topics that include nutritional principles, diet guidelines and assessments and various training programmes that can be recommended to clients. The course also explores areas of client accountability and proper health coaching practices. These and more should aid in building your capabilities to effectively lead others on a journey toward a healthier life

Course Lessons.
  • Module 1: A Working Definition of Health Coaching
  • Module 2: Laying Down the Basics of Health Coaching
  • Module 3: Basic Support Provided by a Health Coach
  • Module 4: Principles Underpinning Healthy Eating
  • Module 5: A Look at Diet and Valuation Standards
  • Module 6: Health and Heart Fitness Training
  • Module 7: Boosting Flexibility and Building Strength
  • Module 8: Coach-Client Relationship: Providing Emotional Support
  • Module 9: Coach-Client Relationship: Building a Reputation in Health and Fitness
  • Module 10: Nutrition Facts to Know
  • Module 11: Starting Nutrition: Protein, Carbs and Fats
  • Module 12: Micronutrition Essentials
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