Hands-On Learning for Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Hands-On Learning for Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Despite advances in medical technologies, a lot of people still turn to complementary and/or alternative medicines (CAM) to find relief from their physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. The use of essential oils for treatment, also referred to as aromatherapy, is one of the most popular forms of CAM today. With oils and scents extracted from plants that are valued for their potent medicinal and cosmetic qualities, aromatherapy is used in many beneficial ways, including increasing focus and concentration, improving moods, relieving tension, relaxing muscles, and treating hundreds of other common afflictions.


Sure enough, the availability of essential oils and aromatherapy present people with meaningful and effective alternative treatments to maintain their health without breaking the bank. However, as is probably normal with products and practices that are increasingly becoming popular, commerce is starting to take its toll on essential oils and aromatherapy. A wide range of essential oil products and aromatherapy services now proliferate the market, making it increasingly difficult for the layperson to determine which is therapeutic from not. It is in this respect that learning and understanding the true substance of essential oils and aromatherapy becomes critical.


Familiarise yourself with the basic concepts of essential oils and aromatherapy and understand their benefits, mechanisms, and applications through this Hands-On Learning for Essential Oils and Aromatherapy course. The initial lessons focuses on the fundamentals of essential oils and aromatherapy, including their history and healing power, the crucial benefits they provide, and how they are acquired, stored, and absorbed by the body. Later sections of the course get down to work by introducing you to different types of essential oils and aromatherapy products, identifying the specific ailments they are capable of treating, and demonstrating how they are made and how to safely use them for treatments.


Topics Covered


The Hands-On Learning for Essential Oils and Aromatherapy course fills you on the numerous ways and conditions for which essential oils and aromatherapy provide relief. It also builds your knowledge of their safe and proper production, storage, and application, which should come in handy when you decide to try them out yourself or recommend them to others. Making use of the lessons of this course will let you in on topics like:


  • Historical background of aromatherapy and essential oils
  • Basic principles of aromatherapy
  • Various uses and benefits of essential oils
  •  Essential oil production and storage
  • Introduction to different kinds of essential oils
  • Safety guidelines for using essential oils
  • Routes through which essential oils are absorbed by the body
  • Methods of applying essential oils
  • Creating and blending essential oils
  • Making your own aromatherapy products


Main Audience


This course is a necessary resource for anyone interested in learning about complementary and alternative treatment modalities as well as those who want to build their understanding of how essential oils and aromatherapy can be incorporated into everyday life. It is also relevant for people intending to get into professions such as aromatherapist, massage therapist, holistic healing practitioner, complementary therapist, and spa professional.


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