Making Natural Hair Care Products - A Beginner's Guide

Making Natural Hair Care Products - A Beginner's Guide

A lot of people, especially women, spend countless pounds each year to keep their hair healthy and strong. Some turn to commercial hair care products, while others prefer to undergo hair care treatments on a regular basis. While many of these prove to help keep natural hair hydrated and moisturised, not all of them are cheap and effective. In fact, some of them have harmful ingredients that can cause allergic reactions and irreparable damage to the hair and scalp.


No person would want to get entangled in such a hairy mess. So, rather than opting for commercial hair care products and treatments, a growing number of people are opting to make their own hair care products from scratch. They find that engaging in this craft allows them to have complete control over their formulation, avoiding the inclusion of synthetic ingredients that can cause serious hair and scalp damage. It also helps them save money and even generate income by offering their products to the public.


Fill yourself in on the basics of hair care and find out how to craft hair care products using natural ingredients with the aid of this Making Natural Hair Care Products – A Beginner’s Guide. The course first discusses the benefits of creating your own hair care products and also gives you an overview of hair and scalp health. It then tackles basic terminology related to hair product formulation and introduces you to the ingredients for creating shampoo and conditioner and their functions. Step-by-step instructions for the processes involved in the actual creation of hair care products are also relayed in the course.


Topics Covered


The Making Natural Hair Care Products – A Beginner’s Guide course gets you acquainted with proper care for natural hair, and also introduces you to the craft of creating natural hair care products from scratch. From the ingredients to the recipes and procedures, the course provides you knowledge to make hair products that suit your personal needs or you can offer to targeted consumers. Going along the lessons of the course will enable you to touch upon such topics as:


  • Benefits of creating your own natural hair care products
  • Hair and scalp health basics
  • Terminology related to hair care product formulation
  • Shampoo and conditioner common ingredients and their functions
  • Everything about oils, herbs, and butters used for hair care products
  • Steps to measuring and mixing ingredients
  • Basic recipes for hair care products
  • Instructions on hair care formula bottling and labelling
  • Safety tips for creating natural hair care products


Main Audience


This course is designed for those who want to bid farewell to store bought hair care products and create their own from scratch using natural and safe ingredients. It is also ideal for people looking at putting up a hair care products business as well as those wanting to become a hair stylist or hair care professional.

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