Group Training Instructor Course.

Group Training Instructor Course.

There is an increased interest in group fitness activities such as aerobics, stationary indoor cycling, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, step class and much more. Their popularity can be credited not only on their efficacy and variety, but also for the fun, excitement and connectedness they encourage and impart.

With the group fitness formats, trends and modalities constantly changing and attracting interest, there is a demand for competent group exercise instructors. If you happen to be one of those contemplating on embarking on such career, having the knowledge and skills to lead dynamic, varied, and effective and safe group exercise classes can go a long way toward succeeding in this role. This Group Training Instructor Course can help you gain all these and more.

The course is packed with information that will shape you into an expert in group fitness training. You will learn about the qualities of a good group fitness instructor and what you can do to develop them. You will also explore a variety of exercise techniques and training aids, and know how to carry out client readiness assessment and plan for a group fitness class that is suitable for the fitness level and needs of participants. A number of recommendations and tips about fitness class organisation, training aid usage, music integration, physical safety, and quick recovery are also imparted in this course.

Step up your fitness game by enrolling in this Group Training Instructor course, and start leading others toward improving their health and developing a lifelong interest in fitness activities.

Course Lessons.
  • Lesson 1: A Social Approach To Fitness
  • Lesson 2: What Makes A Good Group Fitness Instructor?
  • Lesson 3: Understanding and Administering Client Readiness Assessments
  • Lesson 4: Various Forms Of Exercises
  • Lesson 5: The Significance Of Proper Warm-Up Regimen
  • Lesson 6: Structuring A Group Fitness Session
  • Lesson 7: Different Approaches To Group Fitness Instruction
  • Lesson 8: Integrating Training Aides In Workouts
  • Lesson 9: Keeping The Fitness Motivation Alive
  • Lesson 10: Managing Group Fitness Classes
  • Lesson 11: Planning And Organizing Sessions
  • Lesson 12: Resistance Training For Weight Loss
  • Lesson 13: Ensuring Health And Safety In Group Fitness Sessions
  • Lesson 14: Getting Feedback From Participants
  • Lesson 15: Post-Workout Recovery Tips And Techniques
  • Lesson 16: Easing Out Of Workout Through Proper Cool-Down Process
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