Herbs, Vitamins and Fitness Supplements Course

Herbs, Vitamins and Fitness Supplements Course

Nowadays, it seems that more and more people are exposed to a variety of life stressors such as change in financial status, losing a job and strained relationships, among others. Combined with a sedentary lifestyle, these stressors can leave little room for much else in one’s life and can take a toll on physical and mental health. No wonder some people turn to over-the-counter herbal remedies and supplements to help them fend off the possible effects of exposure to the aforesaid stressors.

The inclusion of herbal remedies and supplements in one’s diet is not a bad thing. However, it should be done under the recommendation and supervision of a specialist in herbs and supplements, so as to ensure their ingredients, purposes and possible side-effects and risks are properly explained prior to consumption.

This Herbs, Vitamins and Fitness Supplements Course is a good starting point to learn the basics of herbs and supplements. Essential topics covered within include individual assessment for supplementation, herbs for various medical conditions and situations, and different types of nutritional supplements and their uses. Information on making appropriate recommendations and prescriptions for choosing the best and most suitable supplements is also discussed in this course.

With the knowledge you can acquire from this course, it will be easier for you to make informed choices when it comes to herbs and supplements, and make the most of their power to optimise your health. You may even use that know-how to start practicing as a herbalist or supplements specialist, and help make sound recommendations and prescriptions to clients with a consideration for their unique characteristics, present condition, and needs.

Course Lessons.
  • Lesson 1: Understanding Herbs and Supplements
  • Lesson 2: Assessment Of An Individual For Proper Supplementation
  • Lesson 3: Herbal Medicines: Miracles Of Nature
  • Lesson 4: Herbal Remedies For The Body Systems
  • Lesson 5: Herbal Remedies For Addressing Pain and Discomfort
  • Lesson 6: Herbal Remedies For Obesity And Weight Loss
  • Lesson 7: Herbal Remedies For Stress and Fatigue
  • Lesson 8: Various Kinds Of Nutritional Supplements
  • Lesson 9: Reducing And Managing Weight With Supplements
  • Lesson 10: Supplements and Products For The Promotion Of Optimal Health
  • Lesson 11: Vegan Nutritional Supplements
  • Lesson 12: Supplements For Improved Athletic Performance
  • Lesson 13: Recommending and Prescribing Supplements
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