Fitness and Leisure Management Course.

Fitness and Leisure Management Course.

Health clubs were once cramped, utilitarian places frequented only by gym rats and fitness enthusiasts. Times have changed, though. Modern health clubs, which include gyms and spas, are now spacious facilities that boast top of the line equipment and technology. These places also attract patrons of all ages who are either looking to become physically fit or would simply like to pamper themselves.

With health clubs getting bigger and better and catering to varied health and wellness needs of people, it is only fitting that better management practices are implemented to ensure the safety and satisfaction of clients and the profitability of the business. That being said, if you are a health club operator or a fitness trainer looking to move into a manager position, this Fitness and Leisure Management Course is a reference you can use to guide you in effectively managing a health club and the staff it employs.

The course focuses on developing your management skills by introducing you to the core principles of leadership. It also acquaints you with concepts, processes and practices that are essential to effectively run and manage a health club, including club design and experience, club policies and strategies, service pricing, and member recruitment and management. As a club will not run without cash and staff, the course will also help you navigate the employee training and financial and marketing matters of the business.

Taking your fitness career to the next level and boosting your health club’s membership, productivity and profitability are goals you can achieve if you have the right know-how and skills. Why not get a head start on all these by enrolling in this Fitness and Leisure Management Course?

Course Lessons.
  • Lesson 1: Effective Leadership In Health Fitness Management
  • Lesson 2: Paying Attention To Health Club Design
  • Lesson 3: Setting And Implementing Health Club Strategies
  • Lesson 4: Price Structuring For Health Club Services
  • Lesson 5: Advertising Your Health Club Facility
  • Lesson 6: Recruiting And Retaining Health Club Members
  • Lesson 7: Managing Health Club Members
  • Lesson 8: Dealing With Financial Matters
  • Lesson 9: Hiring And Managing The Best Staff
  • Lesson 10: Growing Your Health Club And Maintaining Its Competitiveness
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