Designing Workouts Course.

Designing Workouts Course.

There is no such thing as one-size-fits all approach to exercising. After all, not everyone shares the same fitness requirements and goals. As such, having a personalised workout plan is vital to address different fitness goals.

Coming up with a workout plan that is tailored specifically for an individual or group is serious work that has its own set of challenges. Factors such as a client’s health condition, fitness level, individual interest and response to physical activities must be considered with great care. Equally important is to know how to add variety and intensity of effort to exercises, so a client does not get stuck doing routines that are no longer suited for his or her level.

If you want to be in the position to help people plan for and get the most from their workouts, this Designing Workouts Course is for you. Here, you will develop the knowledge and skills to design workout programmes from scratch or boost existing workouts with new routines. Notable topics found in this course include strength training basics, workout splits, set and rep schemes, training modes and injury prevention. You will also learn how to design workouts suited for muscle building, fat loss and cardio training, among others.

Know that being a good fitness professional is all about determining the needs of clients and being able to tailor workout programmes that will enable them to fulfil those needs. As such, if you want to excel and succeed as a fitness professional, you should start working on your ability to design workouts using the wisdom shared in this course.

Course Lessons.
  • Lesson 1: Benefits That Can Be Derived From Strength Training
  • Lesson 2: Splitting Workouts for Optimal Results
  • Lesson 3: How To Pick The Right Exercises
  • Lesson 4: Understanding Sets and Repetitions
  • Lesson 5: Factoring In Rest Periods
  • Lesson 6: Going Beyond Usual The Training Norm
  • Lesson 7: Determining Training Modes
  • Lesson 8: Using Instruments To Boost Training
  • Lesson 9: Workout Design For Muscle Building
  • Lesson 10: Workout Design For Fat Loss
  • Lesson 11: Workout Design For Beginners
  • Lesson 12: Workout Design For Mature-Aged Persons
  • Lesson 13: Inclusion of Cardio Training in a Workout Program
  • Lesson 14: Workout Design For Injury Prevention
  • Lesson 15: The Value Of Adequate Workout Nutrition
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