Choose from a variety of superior training courses that will prepare you for certification and pave the way for your career as a
fullpledged health and fitness practitioner.


CAH is made up of a team of health and fitness professionals, specialising in the fields of health, sports, nutrition, and physical fitness education. Each member desires to use their knowledge and experience in helping individuals get the qualifications needed to get certified as personal trainers, nutritionists, weight management specialists, wellness consultants and the likes.

Such desire is what has lead to the development and delivery of curricula and training courses that not just capture the complete picture and scope of work in a specific health and fitness role. They are also designed for knowledge expansion and development of proficiencies among aspiring health and fitness professionals, so they can provide safe and effective programmes and instructions to people of all types.

As an authority in health and fitness education and an advocate of healthy and fit lifestyle, we are not just about training the trainers.” We also aim to assist the general population in working toward their individual health and fitness goals, regardless if it is getting back in shape, building strength or enhancing overall quality of life. To this end, we offer a variety of practical fitness programmes people can adopt to instil lifelong healthy habits.

How We Do Things?

CAH takes an active role in helping improve the health and fitness industry by delivering superior training courses that prepare individuals to become qualified health and fitness practitioners. We alsoadvocate active and healthy lifestyle by encouraging the general public to engage in physical activities, proper nutrition and healthy habits.

In order for us to stay committed to what we believe in, we strive to operate to the highest standards. This is demonstrated on how we continuously evaluate and update our training courses and fitness programmes, follow industry best practices when it comes to training development and delivery, and conduct our services with professionalism and integrity.

When it comes to getting the qualifications you need to become a health and fitness pro, CAH is right behind you to keep you
on track of your goal. Here are some reasons why it is worth training with us.

Variety of Training Courses
Our training courses are varied, covering a number of health and fitness
disciplines such as personal training, group training, weight management
and more. With a wide range of options to choose from, finding the one
that suits your interest and needs is made easier.

Career Test Preparation
Preparation and readiness are keys to successfully get into any health and
fitness profession, and these are what our courses intend to give you. We
want to help you prepare and get ready for certification by providing you
the right education and skills set to ace the exam.

First-Rate Support
We highly value customer service. So from the moment you get in touch
with us and once you start studying any of our courses, rest assured that
we will assist you along the way. You can reach our specialists via phone or
email whenever you require academic or technical help.

Ongoing Improvements
We constantly evaluate and improve out training courses, following industry
trends, requirements and best practices. This enables us to keep our courses
up to date, push for better and higher learning, and ensure improvement in
student outcomes.

About city american health
The CAH team has been established to provide superior training courses for aspiring health and fitness professionals to build the qualifications necessary to get certified and start a practice. The team also delivers fitness programmes that are aimed to help the general population live an active, healthy life. We are all for health, fitness and wellness. This passion is reflected in our services, values and practices.

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